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Tri-cone drill bit for water well
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Tri-cone drill bit for water well

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The tooth surface of the steel tooth bit is welded with a new wear-resistant alloy to enhance the wear resistance of the cutting teeth. The insert bit adopts high-quality cemented carbide teeth with a new formula and new technology to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the cutting teeth.
Multi-gauge structure is adopted: the outer row of cones are inlaid with trimming teeth (GT teeth), the claws on the back of the wheel are inlaid with carbide teeth, and the claw tips and front sides are welded with wear-resistant alloys to improve the gauging ability of the drill.
Adopt high-precision coordinated radial sliding and axial thrust bearings, and lock with steel balls. The tooth claw journal is welded with wear-resistant alloy, and the inner hole of the tooth wheel is welded with a special alloy and silver-plated to enhance the wear resistance and seizure resistance of the bearing pair.
The bearing seal selects the performance seal ring, the best seal compression, and the arc seal structure effectively improves the performance of the bearing seal. Use special grease for high-performance drills.
It can withstand higher WOB under normal speed, and can be used for drilling in various formations with different tooth profile and cutting structure of the cutting edge height.
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