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Bi-center Bit
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Bi-center Bit

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Bi-center bits are designed to drill 15%-25 % larger diameter holes, eliminate the needs of hole openers.Their unique one piece design provides a shorter makeup length for better direction control. With advanced force balanced cutting structure designs and innovative pilot-to-reamer configurations, these bits reduce cutter and casing damage during drill out.


They are available in both matrix and steel body and apply in Vertical, Directional, Horizontal, and Tangent wells.



 One-piece design strengthens the bit for better directional control

 Strategically non-planar teeth installation increase bit cutting efficiency

 One cutting structure reduce cutter and casing damage

 Less balling risk and vibration

 Fewer trips and lower cost per foot

Effective Junk Removal

Ballistic junk slot cooperated with the optimized nozzle layout,which can improve the efficiency of junk removal

High Hydraulic Efficiency

Thinner blades and high junk slot area for maximum hydraulic efficiency for both the pilot and reamer sections

Aggressive Cutting Structure

Aggressive cutting structure design with depth of cut and vibration control for smoother running and more durability

Enhanced Gauge Protection

Gauge design to protect casing and improve stabilization

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