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Rotary excavation project monolithic
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Rotary excavation project monolithic

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1. Tooth structure
IADC 627 roller cones of Feilong Retop are of full teeth coverage,with large diameter T.C I inserts and 50% more than the number of inserts of general roller cones (the general roller bit with around 35 inserts, IADC627 roller cones with up to 53 inserts),which ensures longer dilling trip and working life, reducing
replacements of roller cones.
2. Oil storage structure
Oil reservoir is designed to ensure the roller cones bearing fully and effectively lubricated (see picture below). While low cost roller cones are without oil reservoir structure, just with some grease when assembling roller bits.
3. Palm back strengthening
Cone leg is the part of greatest weakness, wear and tear. IADC 627 roller cones are hardfaced with large quantity of alloy teeth on the cone leg and wear resistant alloys on the edge of cone leg, which ensures better wear-resistance.
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