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Flow-type Reamer
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Flow-type Reamer

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The flow-type reamer has a lot of hard alloy teeth on the surface to improve cutting efficiency. Its large groove design allows drilling fluid to pass through the body and increase junk removal ability; It is commonly used in quicksand, soil, backfill and rock mass.



  - Replaceable fluid ports are flexible and cost-effective

  - Large carbide cutters to deliver aggressive cutting

  - Hard surfacing in different parts to extend working life

  Efficient fluid design allows the junk removes quickly

Efficient Fluid Design 

Grooves on the surface of reamers which help drilling fluid to go through the body and then remove junk quickly

Replaceable Fluid Ports

The replaceable fluid ports positioned along the face of the tool provides operator mud flow and placement control

Weight Reduction Design

Large sized reamers using split water tank which can greatly reduces the reamer weight and resistance when pulling back is conducted

High Quality Material

The flow-type reamer is made from superior alloy steel undergone strict heat treatment ,which effectively increase wear resistance and working life 



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