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PDC Core Bit
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PDC Core Bit

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Feilong Retop’s coring bits are all based on a tungsten carbide matrix body structure with a steel body frame, and inside and outside gauges made of natural diamond.


We can design and manufacture special use coring bits according to specific requirements. Our coring bits are known for fast ROP, high recovery rate, long service life, and consistency.We offer best-in-class core bit technology to maximize ROP and extend bit life



High speed and effective working performance

High wear resistance and good size-preserving performance

various diamond coring bits available to meet various needs

Good overall economic benefits resistance

High Quality Material

High quality material promotes gauge wear resistance to provide longer service life

Medium Parabolic Profile

Medium short parabolic profile with medium cutter density can obtain better ROP

Special Teeth protection

External preserving teeth can effectively enhance the life of the drill and prevent the diameter reduction of the drill

Increased wear resistance

Internal passive reducer teeth prevent the internal diameter of the drill bit from shrnking

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