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PDC full drilling bit
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PDC full drilling bit

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Features of FMHIFSH series:
FMH 1 FSH series PDC bits are specialy designed for driling complex fomations, with a longer working ife, which are partic-ularty suitable for sandstone, Imestone, with interbedded formabon,the soft-hard itrbedded fomation.
Unique bit body material makes the bit having the better ablility of abrasive and erosion resistance;
Different options of cutting elements based on different formations ensure greater aggressveness and longer work-ing lfe of the PDC bit in iferent formation.
Unique cutter layout and specific force balance analysis plus other related technol ogies, etc. improved the bit's working life and premature ring type wear of the bit is prevented.
Mixed usage of cutting elements with muti kinds of functions mimproves the effect of the PDC bit in interbedded layers
Optimized hydraulic design makes the PDC bit more suitable for the the soft-hard interbedded formation.
1. The ballstic junk slot with optimal nozzles arrangement has improved the junk removal fficiency.
2. The optimized arrangement of blades has reduced the bit bouncing and increased the PDC cutters' cutting rate.
3. The horizontal cross flow unit could improve the bit' s cut efficiency and junk removal abilty.
4. Conical teeth design in the back row improve the dilling ability in high compressive strength formation.
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