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PDC Full Drilling Bit
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PDC Full Drilling Bit

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Combining the advanced technical resources and professional product team to produce custom-engineered PDC bits and deliver customer a truly optimal drilling solution.

Our PDC bits have matrix and steel body, which give customers different choices and they are specially designed for drilling complex formation with a longer working life and high working efficiency.



  - High quality matrix material to ensure better wear resistance and strength

  - Higher Blade Standoff to get higher rate of penetration

  Diamond-enhanced gauge protection to longer bit life

  Optimal arrangement of nozzles to reduce risk of bit balling

Stiffening Cutter

The stiffening cutter further improved shock resistance and abrasion resistance ability of bit,which promotes the working efficiency of PDC

Gauge Protection

Gauge protection with high quality poly crystalline diamond can prevent the bit wearing effectively in the longer time and higher ROP drilling process

Depth Control Pad

The depth control pad can ensure better working performance of cutters and extend service life

Arrangement of Nozzles

The arrangement of nozzles can optimize fluid flow across the bit face,reduce the chance of bit balling and improve cleaning at high ROP

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