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Mud Motor

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Downhole mud motors have been in wide application in rock HDD crossing, which are the most effective tools in HDD dilling through rock formations. Mud motors are propelled by mud,ransforming mud pressure into mechanical power,-driving the rotors to rotate the pilot tricone bit. Joint rotation of the drill pipe and mud motor is available in straight line dilling.While in deflection dilig.the drill pipe and outer casing of the mud motor are not in rotatin.just suplying pres-sure, rotors of the mud motor rotate hylrllcally powered by mud, thus realizing deflection diling. Our matching mud motors can go with HDD rigs of different specifications and manufacturers, which cover the size ranges from diameter 95mm to diameter 172mm, with excellnt quality and stabiliy.
Adopted technology of Unifom Thickness motor stator provides advantages of a short length, high power and high ooling eficiency。The overall weight is lighter mass and the working life is longer.
Effectively improve ROP in the rock formation , shorten the project cycle and reduce construction costs.
Precise directional dilling, good angle building hale rate,improved project qullty.
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