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Rock Reamer with Roller Cones
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Rock Reamer with Roller Cones

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Our company can customize roller cones rock reamer from 200mm to 1500mm according to the customers' demands.
The roler cones has suitable iling angle and inlayed strengthened aly on the cone palm which prevent prermature wear of the palm.
With the cone anil-dropout technology, to maximally prevent downhole Bocldents caused by cone body dropout arfer damages of bearings.
With the gulde block or guide ring at the front of the body , the reamer has the beter llecels o ploting and slag removal.Tmely coling in the welding process prevert the s8a damage caused by the overheat of the rlle cone.Selection of the most suitable toth based on the dfterent formalions, thus to promote the construction eficienay.
For barge-scale reaming, weight reduction design ffectively reduces the wright, linear change tendency of the pipeline trajectory to reduce the bocking when the reaming and dragging are conducted.
Roller cones speciled for trenchless prjects arg developed with reesonable teeth layout and addtinaly hardfaced cone palms,efetvlely enhancing the working lfe of the reamer in complax rock formatlions.
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