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Auger bit

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The short flight auger bits flls into two categories depending on formation to be dilled: rock auger bit and soil auger bit.
The cutting teeth of rock auger bit
The cutting teeth of rock auger bit are the truncated bullet teeth tipped with tungsten aloy, suitable for weathered bedrock, well cemented bouldery formation and various permafrost It can be divided into two types: straight helix and tapered helix. It can also be divided into singehead single heli, dual-head single-helix and dual-head dual helix.
Among them the single helix provides high penetration rate, easy cleaning and low rotary resistance.
The dual helix driling bit has good guiding performance and fficient carrying ofsoil.
Straight helix has better guiding performance than tapered helix, good soil crrying capabliy, but the rotary rsistance is high.
The tapered helix is made of three types, including 180, 270 and 360 degrees, which increases with rock hardness.
Soil auger bit
The ctting tth are anti-abrasive tungstenchiseltype teeth or chiseltype combined with truncated bype, mainly used for diling soil, sand, fimm sand with some clay and bouldery formation with small size gravels above
ground water level. It is featured with straight heli, and made with single-head sngle-heli, dual-head sngle-helix, and dul-ad-dul-elix.
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